"Fidex is such a terrific machine, and the support is unbelieveable."
Dr. Richard Kilburn, Naperville, IL - FIDEX customer since 2011.


“We chose FIDEX because of its small footprint and the price. This machine has been designed for a mid-size clinic. The machine is very fast. This afternoon, I did a spine with a herniated disk: the dog slept only 25 mn with 2 acquisitions (pre and post contrast) 10kg CKC. We note that each CT creates 2.5 time more income with surgery (average). We are definitively very happy with our machine. The CT function pays back the machine, we do more and more referrals. Animage customer service is extremely efficient, and very friendly.”
Dr. Roland Rigori, Fidex user since 2012.


“I run a mid-size clinic (6 vets, 10 technicians, 2 receptionists, 2 managers), with a caseload of approx. 50 cases a day, from which about 60% are referrals. On average we make about 1-2 scans a day…. The spectrum of technically feasible exams is very large, including special imaging of vascular structures (PSS) and brain studies… One big advantage of Fidex is the small size of the manufacturing company. The client service is extremely friendly and focused on the individual needs and the Fidex team is available practically non-stop in case of technical problems (which they usually solve online very quickly). You can expect a small team of extremely smart people that work really hard every day to make the system better and more reliable.”
Dr. Jan Hnizdo, Fidex user since 2013.


"I just counted up all of our scans, and we have done more than 120 scans so far! Everyone loves the Fidex."
Prof. Beth Brainerd, Brown University, Providence, Rhode Island.


"We have done some amazing work already [one week after installation]"
Dr. Geoff Mehrtens, Christchurch, NZ


“I am the owner of a veterinary clinic in Poznan (Poland) We deal with small animals, about 60% dogs, 30% cats and exotic animals. In our clinic work 15 vets and 18 technicians. In June 2014 we bought a Fidex CT scanner and started operations in August. Since this time we have done 165 examinations of dogs, cats, guinea pigs, rabbits etc. We use the Fidex CT for diagnostics in orthopedics, in neurology cases, before planning oncology surgery etc. Now it would be difficult for us to work without it. I see that it was good investment for our clinic.”
Dr. Greg Wasiatycz, Fidex user since 2014.


"The customer service is excellent. Fidex experts are always available to us, and can remotely dial in to trouble shoot or give advice. Once we needed a part, and it came the next day with the installation crew. Service contracts compare very favorably with other ones. The unit is rock solid, and we have not needed service in a long time."
Dr. Jorg Bucheler, DVM, PhD, FTA Diplomate ACVIM (IM) & ECVIM-CA.